Protect Your Employees & Guests from Coronavirus

Business owners and property managers are key to keeping patrons, guests, patients and visitors safe. They are responsible for taking every step to ensure the health and safety of their communities. Whether a large retail shop, small physician office, a warehouse or medium-sized outpatient clinic, we have the disinfection know-how to customize a cleaning plan for your needs.

Using our national disinfection expertise and specialized experience in healthcare facilities, we are prepared to handle the unique needs that this pandemic has created. Our cleaning experts are essential – they are the front line of infection prevention.


Our Preventive Disinfection

Keep your business open, safely. A primary driver of COVID-19’s infectiousness is the fact that people are carriers long before they have symptoms. Routine cleaning and disinfecting are the only way to keep your environment safe from an unintentional COVID-19 outbreak. Mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread with routine preventive disinfection.

Post-Outbreak Emergency Disinfection

When an employee or patient tests COVID-positive, ServiceMaster Clean can help you quickly and safely open up again. We ensure fast response times and excellent care from a team that is equipped with the advanced tools and technology in adherence to CDC guidelines. All of our disinfection training and protocols are based on national expertise and deployed locally.